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Only the most SELECT of carer need apply.

We only allow experienced  & skilled carers onto our platform.

What makes a carer SELECT?

The carers on our platform have a range of experience, backgrounds and expertise. We are confident that you will find the carer that you are looking for.

The Select My Carer criteria are:-

Committed to quality care

What is the process to assess the carers?

We select, interview, vet and thoroughly check all applicants before they are allowed onto our site. On top of this we ask for regular feedback regarding the carer performance against our values from the person needing care. Any carer found not to uphold our values can receive a lifetime ban from our service.

  1. Interviews
    All applicants are interviewed then if successful are inducted to ensure that they understand and work to the Select My Carer standards.
  2. Qualification checks
    Copies of all qualifications and certificates are thoroughly checked to ensure that the carer is capable of working to high standards.
  3. Background checks
    Enhanced criminal record checks are carried out and right to work documentation is validated.
  4. Experience
    Experience is checked and a minimum of two professional references are required.

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