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Select offer live-in care anywhere in the UK.  Live-in care can be an affordable alternative to a residential home or care home.  It is especially cost effective for couples.  Many people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible as they grown older, as the familiar environment, close proximity to family and friends, and a sense of independence can improve function and wellbeing.

Is live-in care the right choice?

Live-in care may be suitable for your loved one if:

  • They wish to stay at home with their spouse/partner
  • They need help with personal care, medication, cooking or housework
  • They are frail, have poor mobility or are unsteady on their feet
  • They have dementia and may be confused in a new place (a familiar home and regular routines can improve cognitive function)
  • They are rehabilitating; a short period of 24 hour care can help support those recovering from illness or surgery until they are back on their feet
  • They relish their independence and want to continue to enjoy their social life and hobbies
  • The house can be altered to their changing needs with rails, stair-lifts and other adaptations
  • They have loved pets at home

There are many benefits to opting for a live-in care service over a care home. The main advantage is that the person receiving care can stay in an environment they’re most familiar with. They can be around the people and things they know and love best.  Getting used to a new and unfamiliar environment is difficult at the best of times. Coupled with the disruption to routines and lifestyles, such a move can cause significant amounts of distress and not just to the individual – it impacts the whole family.

With your live-in services, disruption and upheaval are kept to an absolute minimum. Rather than change what you or your loved one are used to, you can tailor your care plans to fit around established routines. Carers can also be selected to provide the nursing-led support residential care homes can provide, including PEG feeding, catheterisation, stoma and convene, to name just a few.

A one-to-one alternative to care in a nursing home

In a nursing home there are many people receiving care.

In fact, a report produced from a sample of seven specialist Dementia care homes by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, found that staff to resident ratios in residential care homes averaged 1:4. It was also found that the poorer the staff to resident ratio was, the more pressure the care home staff were under and the less time they had to spend with the residents as a result.

Why not Select your Carer on a one-to-one basis? This means you or your loved one are at the centre of the carer’s attention. They can be fully committed to ensuring that your loved one's needs are always provided for.

The home is so much more than just a building with four walls, windows and a door. It’s a treasure trove that constantly reminds us of the happiest times in our life; it houses possessions with sentimental value, and it’s easier for family and friends to come and visit.

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