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How does Select work?

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What makes us Select?

Select My Carer is an introductory service that helps families connect to experienced, trusted, checked and vetted carers and nurses in their area. Experience has shown us that the best people to coordinate high quality, bespoke care are the families and the carers themselves.

Unlike traditional domiciliary care businesses, who coordinate and manage the care provision, Select My Carer focuses on finding excellent carers, making personalised matches, and providing tools to make ongoing care coordination simple.

Select benefits


  • Look forward to seeing familiar faces every care visit.


  • We check and vet every single carer on our site. We ensure we know what kind of experience, values, qualifications and interests they have. We ensure they have a valid, clean and enhanced DBS certificate.
  • Only 5% of the carer applications that we receive, actually make the grade required to become a Select carer.


  • We will ensure that you have a point of contact should you need technical support, or just a chat with someone that understands. We’ll provide a platform to collect your weekly fee from you and ensure that the carer’s fee and commission are included in one easy transparent payment.


  • We will provide candidates for you that best meet your wants and needs. You can interview them yourself (in person or by telephone), before deciding if they are a fit for you.


  • We’ll give you the tools and system you need to co-ordinate everything from the care visits to payment collection.

Lower Costs

  • The Select My Carer model ensures you get the best deal and your carer gets a better reward when compared to the traditional care company model.

Select your carer – our process

Take a look at our step by step process

Step One

Tell us about your wants and needs

Complete the simple 'Apply for Care' questionnaire at the top of the page – tell us what is really important to you to receive the best possible care.

Step Two

Select a carer

We will send you detailed profiles of carers that best match your requirements. You shortlist the carers you would like to interview from the candidates. You can either contact them yourself or we can arrange the interviews for you.

Step Three

Get to know one another

We encourage you to meet and interview your carer(s).  That way you can discuss with them your personal wants and needs and get to know them.  That’s the best way to make sure the choice is right for you.

Step Four

Finalise your arrangements and start your care

Once you are happy with your choice of carer(s), we will help you finalise arrangements so that your care can start.

Select My Carer

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