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Get to know a bit more about us and our services here at Select My Carer

Selecting carers

Select My Carer is not a traditional care agency – how does this work?

Select My Carer is an introductory agency, that uses a technology platform to help care seekers select carers in their local area. We do not provide, manage or co-ordinate your care. Instead we provide simple, easy to use tools to help you find and self-mange your care with your carer(s).

As such, we are defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as an introductory agency pursuant to the Health & Social Care Act 2008, so we not required to be regulated by the CQC. The carers that offer their services on our platform are self employed and do not work for Select My Carer. They are free to choose their rates of pay, hours of work and clients they care for.

This unique model allows us to charge you lower fees than traditional care agencies. The majority of the money that you pay for your care goes directly to your carer. By ensuring carers receive great rates of pay, work in their chosen location and for the clients they want to care for, the outcome is better and more consistent care.

Do I Select my own carer?

Yes, our service will help identify the most suitable carers in your area, then it’s completely down to you to decide who you want to provide your care. We will of course will help you through this process.

How many carers will I need?

Most carers will not be available every day, so if you require care 7 days a week, then it will be necessary to select more than one carer. It will be advisable to get the carers organised in such a way that agreed days of work are arranged before the carers start working for you. We will help you find sufficient carers for your care needs.

What is the minimum care visit duration?

A minimum call duration of 1 hour is advisable. This way your care is not rushed.

Can I book a carer for the same day?

As we are care introducers we don’t employ carers to be on standby.  However we will always assist to try to get you emergency cover.

Which areas does Select My Carer cover?

Although we have years of previous care experience, Select My Carer is a new business and we are currently concentrated in the Sunderland area. We plan to roll out the to the whole of the North East within the next 3 months. (Current Jan 20).

However we can provide live-in care anywhere in the North East.

Are the carers self employed?

Yes, all carers that are on the Select platform are self employed. They choose the hours they wish to work, are responsible for the care they provide, they set their own rate of pay and select which jobs they wish to do.

Managing your carer

What do I do once I have selected my carer(s)?

Once you and your carer have selected one another and agreed terms, hours and start date we will send you a confirmation email and call you.

If you have any special requirements that your carer needs to know about that you did not put onto your initial enquiry form then please let your carer(s) know prior to the start of care.

How do I schedule my care and communicate with my carer and my loved ones?

We will send you a link to download a special app to your mobile phone that will manage your tasks, communications between you and your carer(s) and your family. This app works in real time so that everyone is kept in the loop regarding your care or the care of a loved one.

How do I change my booking?

The quickest and easiest way is to let your carer(s) know that you wish to change their shifts. If they are unavailable or unable to help either get back onto the Select My Carer platform and drop us an email, or call the helpdesk. Please give as much notice as possible.

We are constantly working on improving the functionality of the Select My Carer portal and we will keep you posted of all future improvements.

What should I do if my carer is sick or on holiday?

We advise that you communicate directly with your carer if you or they are planning a holiday. In the event of sickness you can contact us and require an emergency carer. We will do everything that we can to arrange cover for you but this cannot be guaranteed.

To ensure situations like this don’t become troublesome we always recommend that you select more than one carer when you first arrange your care.

What do I do if I am not happy with my carer?

Select My Carer takes customer feedback very seriously especially when it relates to the carers advertising their services on our platform.

You can give your carer a rating on our website ranging from one to five, plus you can post a comment specifically relating to their performance.

If you have specific issues with your carer that you are unhappy with, then in the first instance we encourage you to try to sort these out with the carer directly. If the issues are more serious and you feel the carer is advertising a service on Select My Carer that they are not meeting, then please get in touch with us either by email or by telephoning the helpdesk.

If your concern is very serious and you feel safeguarding should be involved then please contact us immediately, so that we can take appropriate actions to minimise any risk and to help you select a new carer.

Carers - frequently asked questions

Why should I apply to list my services?

Here are a few great reasons why you should apply to join Select My Carer:-

-              Fantastic rates of pay:- Charge what you like, but we recommend that you charge a minimum of £11.50 per hour for longer calls (6 hrs plus) and £12.00 for short calls (1 hrs to 6 hrs) and charge an hourly premium for weekend calls. Live in care pays from £500 per week.

-              Bank holiday & Christmas premium rates:- Again charge what you like but we recommend time and a half for bank holidays and double time for Christmas Day.

-              Four weekly payments:- Clients pay your fees in full into your account on a regular basis, based upon the accuracy of your time sheets.

-              Work locally:- Our service finds you work near where you live. As you choose what work you accept you can select the area you want to work in.

-              Work times to suit you:- pick the days and times to suit you and your client.

-              You are in charge:- We don’t tell you where, when or how to do your job.

Is there a contract between the carer to use Select My Carer?

Yes, when you accept our terms and conditions in order to enter our site, you are agreeing to the terms of use of the Select My Carer online platform. These include terms agreeing that you will contract directly with each client as a self-employed carer.

Select My Carer and my employment status?

You have no employment or self-employment relationship with Select My Carer. We provide an online platform for you to post your profile, which enables care seekers to contact you with respect to you providing your services to them on a self-employed basis.

What is my legal relationship with the care seeker?

We have assumed that you will be contracting directly with each and every client as a self-employed contract carer.

How much do I get paid?

As you are self-employed you can charge what you like. Our business model is designed to ensure that you get to keep the majority of the customer fee and the customer gets charged less than they would by a traditional care provider.

To achieve this we recommend a charge rate that will pay you significantly more than if you were working for a care company.

These recommended rates are:-

£11.50 per hour for a long call (£12.00 at weekends) > 6 hours

£11.75 per hour for a medium call (£12.00 at weekends) between 2 and 6 hours

£12.00 per hour for a short call (£13.00 at weekends) < 2 hours

Live-in care - £500 per week

We would recommend these as minimum rates. However please remember that customers will be comparing you with other carers and will consider cost, experience and historical rating when making their selection of carer.

Do I have to be self-employed before I apply to Select My Carer?

No, you do not have to register before you start to work for your first customer. However you do have to register as self-employed by 5 October in the tax year that you begin working in as a self employed carer, with HMRC.

Registration is free and straightforward. We recommend that you register as soon as you start work, so that you don’t forget and risk incurring penalties.

For further information please click here

Can I work another job at the same time as advertising on the site?

Yes, as we are not your employer, it’s completely up to you who you work for, what hours you work.

What we would ask, is that you keep your available hours up to date on your Select My Carer profile, as this maximises the chances of you being offered work through the site.

Can I get paid in cash?

No. It states in our terms and conditions that we use secure online payments to protect you and the client.

Which area of the UK does Select My Carer cover?

As we are a brand new business we currently are concentrating on the Sunderland area. We plan to roll out the to the whole of the North East within the next 3 months. (Current January 2020)

However we can provide live-in care anywhere in the North East.

How will I find out about new jobs available though Select My Carer?

On most occasions, we will email you to notify you that a relevant client enquiry is requiring cover, along with a link to the customer details on the portal.

If you are interested you either click here or call us at the help desk.

Where emergency care is required a member of our team may call you.

Can I take more than one client from the service?

You are completely free to take as many clients as you like and fit them around you and the hours you wish to work.

Should a client sadly pass on or leave the service, and you have gaps to fill in your day, then simply look on the portal to get a new client.

Can I be banned from advertising my services on the Select My Carer online portal?

We have to ensure that every carer advertising on our site advocates our values and provides great care on every occasion.

Carers that get regular complaints may get removed from the site for a period of time (depends upon severity of complaint), or if there is a serious safeguarding issue, removed for life.

Also carers that breach our commercial terms and conditions will be removed from our site for life.

Is there a contract between the carer to use Select My Carer?

Yes, when you accept our terms and conditions in order to enter our site, you are agreeing to the terms of use of the Select My Carer online platform. These include terms agreeing that you will contract directly with each client as a self-employed carer.

Paying for my carer

What is the cost of care?

As the carers advertising on our platform are self-employed, they set their own rates based upon their level of expertise and experience.

We do offer guidance on average rates to the carers. The inclusive hourly fees (including the Select My Carer commission and VAT) paid by you, are charged at The Carers Pay Rate + 25% Select My Carer Margin (+VAT on Margin).

So if the Carer's fee is £10.00 per hour, then Select My Carer will charge you £13.33 + £0.67 VAT = £14.00

Normally a £1.50 surcharge is applied for weekend hours.

Live-In Care rates are around £750 per week.

How much do the carers actually get paid?

As we are an introductory service run on a technology platform we can afford to charge the customer the most competitive rates available in care and pay the carer the highest rates available in care.

Depending upon duration of care visits, experience of carer, complexity of care needs the carer generally gets paid upwards of £10.00 per hour

Are there any up-front costs?

No, we charge an hourly rate which includes all fees.

Why do you charge an on going commission, instead of a one off finders fee?

Firstly a one off upfront fee would be seen as a barrier to care.

Secondly we offer a service that has ongoing costs such as a marketing, advertising, fee collection, time sheet processing, help desk and improving the platform.

Our fee is one of the lowest in care as we are an introductory service run on a technology platform.

What are the carer’s bank holiday rates?

The carer is free to decide what rate they wish to charge, but as a guide most carers charge time and a half for Bank Holidays and double time for Christmas day.

Applying to be a Select carer

What are the requirements to be able to advertise my services on Select My Carer?

The minimum requirements to advertise your services on Select My Carer are:-

Care Qualifications such as an NVQ level 2 (or above) in Health & Social Care, or  Care Certificate issued whilst working for a CQC registered body, or if you have worked in care from before April 2015 evidence of induction training and ongoing refresher training

1 year + of care experience

Three forms of ID – one must be official photographic id (driver licence, passport etc), one with proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) and one other such a birth certificate or additional utility bill/bank statement

Valid Right To Work in the UK documentation

A valid enhanced DBS certificate or number if it is on the update service

2 professional references (if you have only worked for one organisation then 1 personal reference my be required in addition to the professional one)

How can I advertise my services on Select My Carer?

Click on the ‘Care Giver’ button on the top right of the website, and fill in the application form and attach your cv.

We will review your details against our criteria and if we feel that you could become a Select Carer then we will call you for a telephone interview.

If we are both happy at this stage we will arrange a face to face induction, where we will explain our standards and ethos.  At this stage we will decide if it is going to work for both parties. If so we sign contracts and take your profile photograph.

We will then validate all of your documents and seek to get references and get an enhanced DBS check done.

As soon as all of this is back, your profile will be loaded onto site and we will endeavour to match you up to appropriate care seekers.

What makes a carer Select?

The Select My Carer criteria are:-

Committed to quality care

Carers security - frequently asked questions

Do you carry out background checks or risk assessments on clients?

No, we do not carry out risk assessments or background checks on clients. We only carry out id and proof of address checks.

It is therefore very important that you meet the client before agreeing to take the job from them.

Do you have any advice on staying safe in a client’s home?

As a self-employed person, you are responsible for your own health & safety. If at any time you feel unsafe working with a client then please call the help desk to discuss your concerns.

If the concern is really serious do not hesitate to contact Safeguarding or call 999.

What do I do if I suspect client abuse?

Contact the local authority safeguarding team immediately, to report your concerns.

Do I need to have my own insurance to carry out the care?

All carers must have a carer or personal assistant public liability insurance to use our platform.

The annual cost of a policy is very small and is required to protect the carer and client should an accident or incident occur whilst at work.

If you are using your car for business purposes (in the course of your working day, or to transport clients), then you should have business car insurance cover in place.

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