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The Homecare Revolution – How’s it different?

Unlike traditional domiciliary care businesses, we don’t co-ordinate care packages or manage care provision. Instead we introduce you to people requiring care in your area and let you decide whether you would like to apply to care for them.

Because of this you are always in control.

When the care seeker chooses you to provide their care, we will help you with the administration of time sheets, the invoicing and your payment so that all you need to worry about is providing great quality care.

Join the care revolution to maximise your benefits:-

  • Control
    We don’t tell you where, when or how to do your job. You set your own rates of pay, hours and preferred areas of work.
  • Flexibility
    You organise your own schedule around your commitments and work to suit yourself and your clients.
  • Rewards
    The commission we charge is very low when compared to a normal home care business, you get to keep most of the money that the client pays, meaning that with Select the rewards are much higher.
  • Simplicity
    Just upload you time-sheets to the platform, we will automatically invoice the client and make direct payments to you. Regular four weekly payments.
  • Choice
    We will offer you care package enquiries in the areas that you are looking for work. It’s up you whether you want to take them or not.

Join Today

  • Apply online
    Click on ‘Become a Select Carer’ and complete the online application form. This lets us see if you have the right qualities and qualifications to become a Select Carer.
  • Telephone interview
    We will then call you to discuss your application and ask a few more questions to understand a little more about you.
  • Face to face
    We like to meet each and every carer in person. Should you be successful, we will invite you along to a group induction session, where we will take your profile picture for the website.
  • On-boarding
    Once we are both happy to proceed, we will need to run a background check and get your references.
  • Provide great care
    As soon as we have all of that, you’re ready to go. We will post your profile live and we will start to find you clients.

Have you considered working away?

Many live-in carers visit different areas in the UK to work, and to experience living in different places and seeing the country.  Select My Carer gives carers the opportunity to work away from their home for periods of time.  The client provides accommodation and meals for the carer, and time off is negotiated between you to suit both your needs.  This can be a month-on, month-off basis, working back to back with another carer, or a longer period of time where you will be their sole carer.  This can be a great way to save for special occasions, or for extended holidays you may be planning.

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